Sessions and Pricing

Only the finest equipment, materials, and techniques are used.  From Premium CBD Topical Analgesics and Cryoderm oils to hypoallergenic Alpaca blankets, you can expect 5-Star treatment without spa prices.

When Booking Online, simply choose the Session Length that best suits you and then you can customize your session needs.

Treatment Massage:  This is geared toward people who are seeking massage to recover from an injury, manage a medical condition, or seeking to relieve the pain and stiffness from daily activities.

Relaxation Massage:  These sessions focus on reducing the effects of stress & anxiety, providing maximum comfort, and highly personalized attention.

Deep Tissue:  We provide strong deep tissue massage for those who prefer this technique, though we do often consult with clients first to ensure that this is the best option for their needs.

Sports Massage:  A variety of techniques are incorporated including Range of Motion & Active Stretching to help both performance athletes and weekend warriors alike achieve their specific goals.  This session style can be used for both pre & post event, as well as maintenance.

Cupping Therapy:  A centuries old technique, modernized with improved equipment and focused use.  Cupping involves applying suction to specifically targeted areas which in aid in pain/inflammation reduction, increased blood flow, relaxation and overall well-being,  as well as a more tolerable form type of deep-tissue massage

Reiki:  Provided by Rebecca Craig
Developed over centuries by the Japanese, Reiki is the practice of promoting healing and stress reduction through "energy channels" believed to run throughout the body.  Despite Western medicine's hands-on approach to wellness, Reiki continues to become more and more mainstream and is known for it's profound impact on many advanced conditions.

Single Session Rates

  • 30 Min / $40
  • 45 Min / $55
  • 60 Min / $70
  • 90 Min / $95

Session Add-Ons

  • Advanced CBD Pain Relief / $7
  • Total Foot Care / $10
  • Hot Stones / $15
  • Cupping Therapy / $10
  • Sinus/Migraine Relief / $10

Reiki Session Rates

  • 30 Min / $35
  • 60 Min / $60
FSA/HSA We are happy to accept cards for Flex Spending and Health Savings Accounts.