Mission Statement

Oswego Massage Therapy was built to bridge the gap between bodywork and the evidence-based practice of modern medicine. My goal is to offer the benefits of Manual Therapy in an efficient way that respects your investment and produces results that you can measure. For individuals, this means addressing physical issues as quickly and effectively as possible. For businesses, you can add a layer of protection against increased health care costs and diminished productivity.


Why Choose OMT?

Relationship. Unlike large Massage Therapy companies, OMT is owned and operated by a single practitioner. It’s important to me that you do not deal with a revolving door of practitioners and instead can rely on myself or an equally dedicated colleague. You have the right to expect the best care and that starts with personalized care!

Technique & Education. I continue my education and enhance my credentials constantly. I’m always streamlining my work in order to provide truly cost-effective treatments with genuinely positive outcomes. Your time and money are valuable and I respect that by making sure I’m working with the most current understandings in the industry. The techniques I use are focused on getting you back on track safely, quickly, and affordably.

Technology. Only clinical grade equipment & supplies are used for these sessions. Sessions make use of a medical grade articulated massage table, the Erchonia Percussor for pain-free soft tissue release, as well as premium, all-natural oils, topical analgesics, and CBD ointments. I do not cut corners on the supplies I use for your treatments.

Scope of Practice. I work within my scope of practice at all times, as directed by the State of NY. I do NOT reject modern medicine nor do I offer my services as an “alternative” when it’s clear that other medical disciplines are needed. My work offers a highly effective adjunct to your other health care and I will not hesitate to refer you to a physician if there is a concern that is outside my expertise.

Comforting Environment. Your visit is in a beautiful, comfortable set of surroundings whether you’re in the waiting area or the treatment room. While I focus on clinically acceptable massage therapy practices, there’s no need to feel like you are in a doctor’s office :)

Science. My work is focused on medically sound, evidence-based practice with the goal of a clinically positive outcome. I use a method of Assessing, Treating, Reassessing, and documenting each visit. This ensures an objective understanding of your progress and helps make sure that the correct treatments are being applied at all times. I respect, but do not perform work related to Energy, Spirituality, or other modalities that lack scientific data to support their effectiveness.

Value. The care provided is not the cheapest, however there is no better value. Particularly with Integrated Manual Therapy & Orthopedic Massage, my goal is not to treat you constantly. Rather, my goal is to correct soft tissue dysfunction in the most expedient, pain-free method possible in order to get you on with your life. Whether you’re an athlete who is frequently pushing the edge or you simply put your back out shoveling snow, my goal is to get the best results in shortest time possible. Your quality of life shouldn’t have to wait.