Common Conditions Treated Include:

Plantar Fasciitis • Low Back Pain • Fibromyalgia • Arthritis • Mid/Upper Back Pain • Whiplash • Migraines • Headaches • Hip Pain • Shoulder Pain • Anxiety Disorders • Circulatory Conditions • PTSD • Leg Pain • Depression • Fatigue • High Blood Pressure • Sports Related Injuries • Neck Pain • TMJD • Limited Range of Motion • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • Repetitive Stress Injuries • Pregnancy Aches & Pains • Frozen Shoulder • and much more

Treatments styles include:

Swedish • Orthopedic Massage • Sports Massage • Trigger Point Release • Deep Tissue • Soft Tissue Release • Cryotherapy

Treatment & Wellness Massage.  These sessions are individually crafted for each client and each visit in order to ensure that you receive personalized care in the most efficient manner.  The modalities within these sessions can include Deep Tissue, Swedish, Trigger Point Release, Soft Tissue Release, ROM stretching, Myofascial work, and more.  In nearly every case, these modalities are mixed throughout the session as needed; making it easier for the client to simply select the proper length of time.

  • 30 Min.  $40
  • 60 Min. $65
  • 90 Min. $90

Neck & Shoulder Release.  $40

30 Minute Session.  Trigger Point Release is used with great effect to restore range of motion and reduce pain significantly in people who tend to get that "knot" in the neck/shoulder region.  This session is short and to the point-getting you back to your day quickly and affordably.

Migraine/Sinus Relief.  $40

30 Minute Session.  This session consists of a variety of subtle techniques that both reduce the frequency of headaches as well as cut the pain down during an active migraine.  Care is taken with the light levels, sounds and smells in the room while a combination of gentle massage, heat, and cold properties are incorporated.  

Total Foot Care.  $40

30 Minutes.  We're hard on our feet every day.  This session is considered the very favorite of many of our clients and is often added to other sessions.  This session focuses on the feet and calves by providing a combination of Reflexology, exfoliating foot scrub, steamed towels, and essential oils.  Your feet will be their softest and most comfortable!

Raindrop Therapy.  $85/60 Min. $105 $90 Min.

Available in 60 or 90 Minute Sessions.  We don't endorse every claim that we've heard regarding Raindrop, but we are very big proponents of it's extreme relaxation advantages, deep muscle penetration, and the apparent cleansing nature that it provides.  Many of our clients have claimed this helps greatly with a smoking cessation regimen, while others insist it's an important part of their routine.  We invite you to try Raindrop as it's proven to be very popular with our clients.

Packages:  Clients who frequently schedule often opt to purchase their favorite sessions in packages of 3, 5, or 10 for discounts ranging from 5-15% Off.  If you're interested in having your next set of sessions available in a convenient prepaid manner, just speak to your practitioner during your next visit!