The OMT Difference

OMT is determined to provide the finest experience possible for every session, regardless of whether you are seeking relaxation, or treatment for physical conditions. Below are some of the highlights to the practice that makes Oswego Massage Therapy stand-out in the industry.


Premium Products For All Sessions

Unlike day spas that require maximum cost-effectiveness, OMT uses ONLY the most premium products for you, the client. Brands such as Cryoderm, Sombra, CDB Clinic, and Theramu round off the types of oils and cremes used for treatment. These products are all natural, infused with known healing agents such as Botswella, Arnica, and Ilex. You can rest assured that your body will always be treated to the most effective, healthy, hypoallergenic products available on the market.

Techniques and Training

The most important aspect of massage is the training and techniques used. For your investment, it’s important for sessions to be comfortable and highly effective. I value training and education above all and am constantly bringing new abilities to the sessions as I learn them.

Orthopedic Grade Massage Table

No expense is spared when providing service to clients. The ComfortCraft Model 800 table in use at Oswego Massage Therapy is the only one of it’s kind in the region. In addition to it’s unrivaled comfort, this table allows you to be positioned perfectly for every aspect of treatment massage. By using this type of table, I’m able to provide more thorough trigger point releases, better myofascial contact, and range of motion work all while keeping you in complete comfort.

Premium CBD Oils

CBD oil is a get-what-you-pay-for product. Lesser versions of CBD that are highly affordable also tend to produce lackluster results, overall. While prohibitively expensive for personal use, I’ve sourced the same quality of CBD used by the NFL, MBA, and many of the most exclusive treatment centers in the country. I’m now able to offer single area treatments during every session for just $10!

Percussion Therapy

The Percussor is a highly specialized tool that relieves extreme cramping and muscle tightness by way of controlled vibrations. In many ways, this produces the results of deep tissue work without the next day soreness.

Making sure every client leaves feeling far better than when they arrived is the foundation of Oswego Massage Therapy’s services. Only the very best techniques, materials, and equipment are used for your sessions. While providing the finest amenities available, prices remain affordable and clients will always receive great value for each session.