Frequently Asked Questions:

•What is Treatment Massage?  Clients seeking Treatment Massage are often looking for relief from specific problems such as injuries, chronic conditions, and post-operative rehabilitation.  In addition to focusing on specific areas of discomfort, this atmosphere is well-suited for assessing specific problem areas.  Clients can choose a shorter, focused session as well as longer sessions that address the body as a whole.

•Do I Need a Prescription?   You are not required to get a prescription in order to receive this type of massage.  Depending on your overall health or certain conditions you may have, it's sometimes advisable to get clearance from your doctor prior to your appointment.  There are a few conditions that advise against Massage Therapy and while this is fairly rare, it highlights the importance of filling out your Health Intake form as thoroughly as possible.

Is This an Alternative to Surgery?  You should absolutely listen to the recommendations of your Doctor, Chiropractor, and/or Physical Therapists.  My work is not offered as an alternative to your medical care but rather an enhancement to it.

•Do You Take insurance?  I have completed the steps required by New York State to accept No-Fault insurance.  Other forms of insurance such as Worker's Comp require a different set of procedures and I am currently exploring those steps, as well.

•Is Treatment Massage Painful?  No.  My belief is that excessive pain simply adds unnecessary stress to the nervous system and isn't very productive.  There are situations when work needs to be done to a particularly tender area of the body and in these cases I always work within the client's comfort levels.  Therapeutic Massage produces fantastic results without being painful during the process.

•Do I have to Fully Undress?  Not at all.  Clients are encouraged to undress to their individual comfort level.  Of course, it's often not possible to work on an area of the body that is covered by clothing so that should be considered.  Every client is properly draped at all times during their session.

•Do Treatments Require Several Sessions?  In many cases, a lot of therapy can be accomplished in a single session.  For treatment plans that expect several visits, special packaged rates are available at great savings!

•Should I Schedule a Session if I'm Not in Pain?  Yes!  Many issues can be better managed or altogether avoided by addressing it before it becomes a major problem.  Sports enthusiasts know this well but the principle applies to all of us.  Clients who have moved on from a prior problem often schedule periodically just as a maintenance precaution.