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Oswego Massage Therapy is committed to providing the highest level of care for people in the work environment. Beyond the well-known, morale-boosting work of Chair Massage, OMT has now made it possible for companies to provide Treatment Massage for their employees-in the workplace! Offered in both “Enhanced” and “Custom” Programs, it’s now possible to coordinate care for your staff that has a meaningful impact on their well-being.

What is Corporate Wellness?

OMT has taken it’s Treatment Massage Practice and made it possible to pack it up and bring it to your company’s door (or service elevator). While Chair Events are a lot of fun, great morale boosters, and very cost-effective, there simply isn’t a better way to provide actual wellness care quite like this! I arrive with all the equipment needed to provide actual treatment massage to your staff. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Aching low backs, necks, and shoulders? THESE are the things OMT does best! Each employee seen receives a private, printed clinical note in addition to suggestions for how to provide effective self-care.

Efficient Solutions.

Basic Chair Events can be easily coordinated, quickly executed, and a lot of cost-effective fun! You can choose 5, 10, or 15 minute increments for your staff and then we can help you determine what staffing is needed. Aromatherapy and Music is complimentary; just give us a space to work and watch morale improve! This is a great way to celebrate Employee Appreciation functions, retirement parties, or de-stress the accounting dept. during tax time.

Enhanced and Custom Wellness Programs are designed to focus on treating employee issues. Wellness means doing our part to keep your staff healthy, as well as happy. If a small space is provided, a massage table is usually setup in addition to the traditional chair. Employees stay dressed, though this allows them to be optimally positioned for work on troubled areas. Generally, employees are able to receive a specific massage treatment in 15-20 minutes; thus allowing OMT to manage 3-4 individuals/hr.

Powerful Analytics. Companies enrolled in one of the wellness programs can elect to receive specialized, redacted analytics that fully respect employee privacy while still providing meaningful data. Understanding the percentages of employees with issues in given areas, the average reported level of pain/discomfort, and time of day the reported issues are at their worst can be vital to isolating practices and ergonomics that may be causing reductions in efficiency or increases in reported injuries. Companies save thousands of dollars by using this data to focus efforts where they’re needed. Nothing is more expensive than an injured staff member and in many cases, few things are as avoidable. OMT is here to do it’s part for your team.

Easy Deployment. OMT can handle the hassle of managing your staffs sign-up! Custom Calendar Sync and Custom Sign-Up can be managed for your staff directly on OMT’s website! We can even send your people email/text reminders in order to keep attendance up. For Wellness Programs, OMT even sends your employees an online form for intake and waivers in order to eliminate the hassle’s during Treatment Day! Once your company has made the commitment to provide one of OMT’s programs, it’s possible for you to just make your in-office announcements and walk away from the whole thing. At your request, Oswego Massage Therapy can handle the entire event for you.

Communications. Corporate visits are often scheduled and planned well in advance. The longer out the event is planned, the higher the no-show rate tends to be due to forgetfulness. Sometimes it’s also hard to designate a person on-site to add these things to their already growing list of duties. No problem. Oswego Massage Therapy is able to send email/text reminders to all staff that has signed up. This keeps staff from forgetting, and also gives us the ability to fill in slots that may have to cancel prior to our arrival.

With the Custom Plan, your entire event is hosted securely on OMT’s server and the entire process is managed for you from start to finish-including forms, confirmation, email/text reminders, and changes.

Full Event Management. With the Enhanced & Custom Prframs, you can decide to allow OMT to handle nearly all of the coordination involved in our Site Visits.

Instead of having to allocate your own resources and task one of your staff members with the duties of coordination, Oswego Massage Therapy has the ability to automate and manage the entire experience! Scheduling individual slots, distributing Consent Forms, communicating with your staff, and making changes to the sigh-in can all be handled FOR you. We even provide email/text reminders in order to avoid forgotten appointments and keep participation at maximum levels!

All you have to do is provide us a space to work, and make initial announcements. OMT will host the entire process securely on our own server.

There is no better way for growing, competitive companies to improve efficiency, save money, increase morale, and recruit high quality candidates than to take a forward-thinking approach to wellness.

Plans & Pricing

Basic Plan: This plan provides General Chair Massage at your location and is best suited for Events such as Employee Appreciation Days or Retirement Parties. The basic Plan is the easiest to deploy, requires the least coordination, and has an excellent level of cost-effectiveness. Complimentary Aromatherapy and Music are included.

Enhanced Plan (Most Popular) :The Enhanced Plan greatly expands your ability to provide meaningful, lasting treatment to your employees. OMT provides a massage table in addition to the orthopedic massage chair so employees can be properly positioned for whatever treatment work may be needed. Includes the features of the Basic Plan plus:

  • Massage Table

  • Electronic Percussion Therapy

  • Detailed Clinical Notes/self-care suggestions

  • Calendar Integration & Staff Scheduling

  • Email/Text Reminders

  • Employee Subsidized In-Office Appointments (optional)

Custom Plans: Custom plans bring the full set of available services and features to your door. All of the features of the Enhanced Plan are provided to your employees while a powerful set of features are further provided to the Employer. Additionally, powerful, flexible statistics can be generated regarding visits in a HIPAA Compliant, completely private manner. Employers can interpret valuable data in order to isolate potentially negative practices, determining the overall efficiency of the workforce, and monitor progress improvements over multiple visits. This plan is also eligible for *Custom Branded Discount Cards where we will provide special discount cards to the individuals we service at your event bearing your company’s logo and information. Should an individual schedule an in-office visit at another time, they’ll remember your company and your generosity!

Includes the features of the Enhanced Plan plus:

  • Custom Analytics (We will work with you to generate the data YOU are interested in while retaining 100% Employee privacy)

  • Custom Branded Discount Cards

Volume Discounts. Longer Events, Programs with recurring visits, and company’s with large numbers of staff are al eligible for discounted rates.

Which Wellness Program is best for your company’s needs?

Every company has a different workflow, unique needs, and specific goals. Choosing a Wellness Program for your office should be simple and easy to setup. The chart below can help you decide the best feature set for your needs.

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Corporate Wellness Rates.jpg

Not Sure How Many Hours to Plan?

Use the table below to calculate the length of time you would like spent on each person and the total number of people to be serviced per visit. We’ve made it easy to calculate how many therapist-hours will be needed for your team.


  • A single Therapist can provide 12 Staff Members a full 20 Minute Treatment service in a Half Day On-Site.

  • In 2 Hours, a pair of Licensed Therapists can provide 10 Minute Chair Massage to 24 of your staff members.

(Per Therapist)

(Per Therapist)

Helpful Options:

Custom Branded Discount Cards

    For an additional fee, Oswego Massage Therapy can create a custom "discount card" for your staff or event. Your company's branding will be used so the people OMT services will remember your company's generosity if they decide to schedule an in-office visit in the future! This is a great way to stay in the minds of your people beyond the event! $150/100 Cards

Employee Subsidees

Either as a standalone option or as part of a larger Wellness Program, we make it possible for employees to contribute a portion of an in-office appointment while the remainder is subsidized by your company. If your company is interested in this option, contact Chawn to make arrangements. *Note: OMT does not offer this for services provided on location and must make payment arrangements for location work directly with the company.

Reward with a Gift Card!

Many coporate clients also do competitions and contests in order to make achieving goals more fun. We have elegant, plastic gift cards that can be programmed for any session's value.

Benefits & ROI

Our services go far beyond providing a simple ‘perk’ for your team. OMT’s approach to Corporate Wellness is designed to ensure that both Employees and Company benefit greatly from the experiences. As a small company, Oswego Massage Therapy knows well the importance of efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. In every case and with every plan offered, our approach is designed to always bring a great deal of value.

  • Improve Morale. Employees LOVE it when they find out Oswego Massage Therapy is coming to their workplace. It leaves a lasting impression and raises spirits every time.

  • Lower Stress. Massage Therapy, even at a very basic level, is able to reduce large amounts of stress, quickly. Teams always operate more efficiently when less stress is perceived.

  • Staff Retention. Quality staff takes a LOT of work to acquire and you want your team to stay together. Forward-thinking companies that offer Wellness Programs are also offering an advantage to the employee that isn’t likely to be easily replaced. Without exception, Corporate Wellness is now a major factor for employees and loyalty is improved when it’s provided.

  • Focus and Efficiency. Massage Therapy improves both of these factors in mere minutes. Even the most basic chair massage has the ability to cut through mid-day fog and provide clarity. Employees that operating with less stress and improved focus are likely to be more efficient, and SAFER.

  • Reduced Medical Costs. Oswego Massage Therapy is a Treatment Clinic. Unlike a DaySpa, the focus of OMT is to provide actual treatment to conditions affecting soft tissue. It’s what we do. With the Enhanced and Custom plans, it’s now possible for your company to utilize the full potential of massage in order to address many common workplace concerns-before it becomes an issue of lost time and costly procedures. The negative affects of staring at a monitor, symptoms related to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Headaches, low back pain, and so much more are routinely managed through Treatment Massage. And there is no way to refute the fact that if Treatment Massage is able to work on a given condition condition, it’s ALWAYS less expensive than the alternatives. Always.

The Cost of Workplace Injury.

Your company knows the total costs when an employee sustains an injury. You’re down a team member, short/long term disability costs, increases to insurance premiums. The total expense of a single injury can be crippling at it worst, and disruptive to your productivity at it’s best.

No one can promise you that injuries will be “eliminated”. But they can be reduced and that should be every company’s primary goal; both for the viability of the company and the well-being of it’s staff. When you consider the actual advantages of providing soft tissue therapies, reducing stress, adding clarity & focus, improving morale, and potentially avoiding just one workplace injury, you’ll quickly find that you could have Corporate Wellness Programs running for an entire year and still cost far less than workplace injury.