Everything you need to know about CBD Topical Analgesics!


What Is It?  An extract of the hemp plant, CBD is a pain relieving ointment that has gained tremendous popularity, nationwide.  Today, Premium CBD is used routinely for temporary relief of severe pain and is also in wide use among professional athletes.

Is It Safe?  Yes.  CBD is FDA approved, non-toxic, and does not contain the chemical known as THC.  The products we use are non-psychoactive, all natural, and will not produce a positive drug test by those who use it.

Does it work?  I've been using CBD personally for almost 2 years, topically, for relief from arthritis pain and soft tissue injuries.  What I've found is that the quality of the CBD used greatly affects the outcome, but premium versions provide the most comprehensive reduction in pain of any topical analgesic I've used; ever.  Our practice has made it available to the public and after 6 months of informal trials, our CBD is universally praised.

Is it expensive?  Not when incorporated into our treatment services.  We offer the best CBD available on the market for just $7 per single area application.  When incorporated into our massage techniques, the difference is stunning.  Through years of testing on myself, I've found that you can buy "cheap" CBD at ~$20-30 for a 4oz tube but it has very little affect.  However, the quality of the CBD we provide our clients is orders of magnitude greater.  We do not sell any retail products, however the CBD we use in-house retails to the public for between $70 & $129 per ounce.  Because we are able to purchase it in volume, we are able to provide it during your session for less than ten bucks!

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How Do I Get It?  While we do not provide retail products, adding Premium CBD to your session is easy!  You'll see a prompt to add it to any session while you're scheduling online.  We like EASY!