About CBD

At OMT, I use CBD in a topical format-only and cannot lend any comments or observations with regard to ingested forms.

In my opinion and based on my observations during treatment, CBD is currently the most effective, profound method of providing additional relief beyond the manual therapy performed during a session. The CBD that is used in my practice is FDA Approved, non-psychoactive, and legal in all 50 States. Despite the absence of THC that renders many CBD options controversial and possibly illegal, the brand that I offer clients during their session is the most highly effective variant I have ever used to date. If I find a better version later, I will use it.

In my experience, topical CBD tends to be a “get what you pay for” situation. Highly affordable versions available at retail stores provided poor to very poor results on my clients while premium variants provided a superior result. The type used in my practice is prohibitively expensive when purchased for personal use but when offered as an add-on to manual therapy, it’s obtainable by any client! Another aspect of CBD that I’ve observed is that it’s far more effective when used in conjunction with manual therapy as opposed to personal use with no other therapeutic work performed. For personal use, I still think CBD is a great option but highlight that it really comes into it’s own when used during massage. Premium CBD serves as a sort of force multiplier to trigger point release.

You can select CBD as an add-on to any session for just $10 when scheduling, or opt for it when you arrive!